Topics Covered at the SourcingShift Conference

SourcingShift will focus on the key topics around the changes and shifts that companies experience in their global sourcing: strategy, operations, adding value, delivering results, mitigating risks, sustainable sourcing and emerging countries.

Presentations already confirmed include:
– Is CHINA+1+2 really an Issue for Sourcing Organizations?
– Sourcing Shift? Staying in China
– Balancing the North-South China Contrast within a Global Strategy
– Mega Trends and Developments in Purchasing and Supply DSM
– Developing First Class Suppliers in Asia, Tips and Recommendations
– How Strategic is Your Global Sourcing Efforts in Asia?
– Supply Chain and Trade Considerations in Sourcing Decision
– Measuring Supply Chain Risk, Or, Is it Supply Chain Flexibility?
– What could the Impact of Today’s Sharing Economy Mean to Global Procurement?
– New Trends in Global Sourcing – Strategic Imperatives for a Fast Changing World
– Evaluation of Locations for New Production Site in Asia Pacific. Is China still leading?

Other topics to be discussed during the various Q&As include:
– Global Sourcing: is China remaining the most attractive sourcing country ?
– China +1 Strategy – Where should sourcing professionals be concentrating their efforts?
– Changing trends in suppliers base and the impacts of trade agreements
– Potential of the newest sourcing alternatives e.g. Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, ect…
– Managing new factors like FX trading & volatility, time to market, risks management
– What roles global sourcing offices or IPOs play today?
– How can technology can help to optimize your sourcing operations in Asia
– How strategic is your global sourcing efforts in Asia?
– Developing first class suppliers in Asia, tips and recommendations
– How to ensure compliance and due diligence throughout suppliers in Asia
– Do sustainability efforts erode further savings we can get from suppliers?
– How to motivate your sourcing team to think beyond China and cultivate suppliers throughout Asia
– Recruitment and retention of procurement and sourcing professionals in Asia
– The Reshoring Movement – How Will It Affect China
– Comparing premier sourcing destinations in Asia to help formulate your global sourcing strategy