Wendy Caporalli

Graduated with Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with specialty in Electrics, joined Whirlpool, pursued Masters in Thermal Fluids and a MBA. Arrived to China in 2006.

“Along my career in the corporates, I had the opportunity of leading multicultural teams, engaging in cross-functional projects, develop/implement well orchestrated strategies and operating plans that incorporated leadership accountability as well as measured success.”

Over the course of her travelling, she sharpened her language skills and she is fluent in Spanish, Italian, English and Chinese Mandarin. During her trips to various parts of South East Asia she developed an interest in handmade home accessories, so going into the home decor industry was merely a coincidence, and a challenge she loved and decided to take. Today Wendy is the CEO and Founder of WWTorres Design a company of  Designer hand made home accessories.

How Strategic is Your Global Sourcing Efforts in Asia?  
Sourcing in Asia its quite complex , the first thing everybody has in mind is cheap prices, however for specific components cheap price is not all , you need to make sure the supplier is approved by certain regulations worldwide, they have to have the production capacity, they might not be the pioneers in regards to develop new products, within a huge list of other things we need to consider. ( as example, for an specific component Whirlpool wordlwide had only 3 approved/active suppliers until  2010).
Adding an Asian supplier to your data base is 100% strategic , then you can decide how much time , money and efforts you want to spend developing them. The best case scenario is that you add them for price reduction , but in other cases you need to have them to make some pressure in the ones you already have.

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