Marko Dimitrijevic

Dynamic international manager with Manufacturing Engineering background and Master in Management of International Industrial Projects. I have strong understanding of all aspects of business operations and product development. I have proven record of building and managing Procurement, Manufacturing Engineering and Quality teams in multi-cultural working environment, setting up new supply chain, production lines, and generating substantial cost savings.

Developing First Class Suppliers in Asia, Tips and Recommendations
In today’s rapidly changing global economy with competition from low cost countries getting stronger and more sophisticated and innovative, remaining competitive is one of key challenges. Companies are often forced to continually seek lower-cost suppliers in less developed areas or countries. This opens a question on how to develop and maintain First Class Suppliers and make sure that quality and deliveries are not compromised during this process. Focusing on China, Taiwan and Japan, based on his 10-years experience in Asia Supply Chain development and management Mr Marko Dimitrijevic is sharing his experience and best practices.


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