LeeAnn Schumacher

LeeAnn Schumacher, Director Global Sourcing, Bensussen, Deutsch & Associates
LeeAnn is responsible for overall management of BDA’s Asian operations, office, staff and the US import process. BDA is an evolving merchandise agency who turns great brands into great branded merchandise, providing enterprise- wide solutions.

Balancing the North-South China Contrast within a Global Strategy
Factory Shift From the South to the North and How to Face It
– Hong Kong to Shenzhen – Shenzhen to Shanghai – Shanghai to Beijing.
– Expanding value chains in China. Factory direct or piggyback off a Trading Company?
– Pockets of factories by location and category type are being formed. Buzz is in the air!
– Is China still a key growth market within a global portfolio?
– How competitive are products within China, north to south?
– Family values play a key role.







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